(Contains 20 photos)
Latest Images portfolio Some of the latest images - probably not the most recent taken, but the most recently processed. Enjoy......

The first batch of an ongoing project to snap Bittern. Perseverance pays off............ Even some decent ones from low level.

All available, via the Contact page, at minimum 5000px longest side.
(Contains 75 photos)
Birds Of Prey portfolio A series of Images of British Birds Of Prey, both wild & captive.
(Contains 31 photos)
Garden Stuff portfolio Garden birds, or near enough
(Contains 133 photos)
Coastal stuff portfolio Birds from the coast. Often from the Norfolk series....
(Contains 101 photos)
Seabird Stuff portfolio My favourites; big, pretty easy to identify and often fly in straight lines. Expect lots of Gannets!
(Contains 54 photos)
Woodland Stuff portfolio A series of birds loosely associated with being up trees.....
(Contains 32 photos)
Heath / Farmland Stuff portfolio A set of images taken on, or near, heathland and farmland
(Contains 57 photos)
Freshwater / Reedbed Stuff portfolio Birds usually associated with rivers, canals and sometimes even riverside pub gardens
(Contains 16 photos)
Upland Stuff portfolio Birds loosely called 'upland', as they don't fit any other category.
(Contains 0 photos)
Birds taken while abroad in Europe....
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