Tuition & Workshops

All the courses below are run with small groups, usually a maximum of 4. All are friendly, relaxed and instructive days. If you have any questions about the days, please don't hesitate to Contact me.

Taking Better Photos

By far the most popular course, designed for beginners. This day will give you the confidence to take your camera off the 'auto' mode.

We first look at the basics, such as memory card use, battery use, image file types, workflow and general care - occasionally referring back to any familiarities with film cameras.

You will be given a guided tour of all the buttons and functionality of the camera, so you won't have to find the manual you buried untouched when you opened the box! You will gain the confidence to change settings without fear of never being able to reset them 'as you found them'. All the little menu's and buttons will be demystified.

We then look in some detail at the theory and practicalities of correct exposure, looking at examples as we go.

Finally we get to get out and have a practical session, putting into practise what we have learnt.

This course is a very relaxed but intense day - absolutely not threat centred. (After all, the first thing most people say to me is usually along the lines of 'I'm a complete beginner', or 'I'll know less than anyone else'! We will take all the time you need to get away from that green rectangle setting ………


Fashion/Model Portfolio Days

In collaboration with local studios and models I can now offer bespoke days - either studio or location, giving an insight into fashion and model photography. An increasing area of my work is now in the fashion/portfolio area. Days are intensive and outline the use of lighting (both in a studio and/or supporting ambient light.) It also introduces students to the world of talking and directing models - an area people are often initially uncomfortable with.

During the more clement months and when the days are long enough, model Saskia and myself run photographic days at a farm with a plethora of vintage equipment - which make great props. These days run approximately once a month, and photographers will always come away with excellent images in a unique setting (I strive for optimum ambient and flash lighting). Every day is different as its a working farm and the weather is British....... Contact myself, or Saskia, for a PDF detailing these days.

These days are bespoke and suitable for individuals or groups and can be tailored to student needs.

Flower Photography

Through the year I hold a number of 'seasonal' flower photography workshops. These coincide with certain blooms such as bluebells or orchids. These days will start with a necessary amount of theory, as flowers photography has its own difficulties. We will cover camera settings, tripods and kit. Then we will have a session in a local area putting these skills into practise.

The Deer Rut

Another seasonal course held for a couple of weeks during October. Sessions are held at Bradgate Park in Leicestershire. Be prepared for an early start!

Bespoke Group Sessions

I enjoy holding workshops for groups. Often these are for groups, either social/teambuilding or a workgroup learning an essential skill. With the advent of very affordable compact cameras and laptops many firms are undertaking the content of internal newsletters and trade press themselves. An enjoyable day spent learning photographic skills will be rewarded by much improved results and more professional output………… and some fun images to keep!

These days have previously been taken by groups such as teachers, housing agents, dentists and so on.

I am happy to accommodate up to 10 delegates.

Please Contact me for rates, and to arrange bespoke course content.


Nowadays, most people have a laptop and many have bought the editing package, Adobe Photoshop. It is now getting harder to teach this Photoshop as a group, simply because there are so many versions 'out there'. There is full Photoshop (usually now CS) and various editions of the compact version, Elements - up to version 10. There are also differences between MAC & PC editions.

It is easier to teach Photoshop on a 1-2-1 basis, and again it is easier to start at 'beginner' level. Photoshop is not an intuitive package (like, say, Microsoft Word). You do need guidance at the beginning. I will teach you Photoshop for Photographers. This is a very pragmatic approach, designed for photographers who wish to enhance their images, but do not want to step over into the tips & tricks of fantasy graphic design.

My attitude towards Photoshop is 'less is more' and I will show you the menu items and functionality which most images need - even if it is only a check. Only when the essentials are understood will we move onto what magazines label 'tips & tricks'.

These sessions are best divided into 2 hour lessons (more if you are determined) at £40 per hour. Photoshop is a huge package. Your sessions with me will give you the grounding to confidently move on as Photoshop questions arise.

I may give you homework……….

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available for amounts in multiples of £20; a voucher and card are provided). My tuition rate is usually £40 an hour and most sessions are 2 hours. An ideal birthday or Christmas gift to support the purchase of a swanky new camera.