Snap Of The Moment

I don't want to get tied down to an Image Of The Week/Month, but in a pathetic attempt to get repeat visits I will add an image which appeals every-so-often. It may be weekly, monthly or even daily.

You may notice that the sport images are missing! Thats because they are gone.......

Commemorative Beers

Music PR stuff.....

Details of a chair - but what a chair! Made by Peter Wood....

Its fairly straightforward to get snaps of a Red Kite against a 'sky' background so its quite satisfying to get a few sets against a low background and not have it nick the autofocus. Gigrin Farm - but just got around to processing!!!

Fighting the sunlight on a recent vintage shoot. Appropriate nods to George Hurrell.....

Ten years of Brampton Brewery.....

The India & Pakistan fans were predictably passionate at the ICC game at Edgbaston yesterday - great colourful atmosphere, enjoyed it...... apart from the weather! Not sure those 'India flag' contact lenses are going to comfortable after an hour or two?

A Spiderhunter. It doesn't hunt spiders and is very noisy. Hashtag: easiest bird to photograph in Malaysia.

One of those images designed to look entirely natural and simple - but, in fact, takes a lot of subtle flash and ambient light to make it look like it hasn't!!! The art of photography... can't do this with an iPhone.

Dartford Warbler, sitting in gorse. Tiny, tiny birds.....

Mandatory Bittern - and to draw your attention to the blog - which is just a short click away......

Part of an ongoing no-make-up project. Often gives more insight than a polished studio shot?

More in-camera fun..... using a custom white-balance and gels again....... Life's too short for Photoshop.... mostly

A set of 'rock chick' snaps for promo/cd. All in camera.... shooting through bottles with gels....

I don't specialise in landscape. No-one really commissions them! But I do like minimalist shots like this. Shingle Street in Suffolk.

Still continuing with my Bittern theme: I have long craved a place where I can sit and unobtrusively snap these birds from ground level. At last, I think I have found s place - however, it won't last long as the reeds will soon grow over the position. Still I have got a few, and with the soft foreground I have been looking for..... maybe more later

Clockwork Sanderling

Murmuration time...

Experimental Godwits, who insisted on relentless probing into the sun.

Back to humans again........

Quite like this one. Manually focused through very breezy reeds - just gives an impression, but still with a catchlight. This shot is full frame....

Project Bittern continues...... A few hours with a compliant bird. This snap highlights its fishing technique of lying its head close to the water, with bill just submerged. Watched it doing this for hours - lying right or left eye down, often swapping. Seemed to be very effective against unwary Perch.

Hare and Corvids - Colour version. (Monochrome is gracing Facebook)

The Bittern is back….. two weeks later and the background's gone green.

Fun with gels and WB…… no PS except for a few wires being removed.

Likes a good cele does Ben……….

Another Bittern. Small in the frame, but nice complementary colours - 5000px longest side. Hopefully more to come.

Its that jumper photography time of year……..

Still very happy to snap one of these - especially full frame.

A row of bottles in their new livery - very useful after the embarrassing, yet so predictable, loss to Iceland

Simple monochrome portrait.

A recent image of local artist Peter Wood. He makes a splendid chair….. Not all corporate images have to look the same….

Some early prototype images from a couple of splendid days in Norway's Batsfiord harbour snapping ducks. Four seasons in one hour……

After many moons, actually managed to get 30 seconds with one of these tiny, flitty, little heather mice. Backlit obviously!! Dartford Warbler.

Another lifestyle mac shot - no wellies

Still no nearer processing the Icelandic images - another of the Common Scoter in that rarest of Icelandic commodities; 2015 sun!

Lifestyle image with mac and daft wellies

A simple relaxed boudoir image - typical of the sets I do for clients

People inexplicably trying to wreck their pride-and-joy Austin 7's by hammering them up slippery hills…….

Mr Dave Carpenter in his domain.

An image a bit more akin to the work I mainly undertake nowadays….

I appear to have liked my image of an unaccessible Inner Farne so much that I've posted it twice!! Anyway, another landscape to compensate. This is the usual Jokulsarlon Lagoon in the golden hour in the evening with the last rays of the evening sun. The golden hour in the morning started about 30 minutes later…….

A passing Scoter - Lake Myvatn. One day I'll get around to processing the images….. maybe if I get snowed in?

A minimalist image of the disappointingly inaccessible Inner Farne

The Rugby World Cup is over - for me anyway….. its been good…. blog available if you have a few minutes. Nice tight action shot……..

James Taylor dives for the crease to complete his century at Old Trafford.

Another 1930 style image. This time a wider view…...

One of the most iconic sporting images of the Summer. Stuart Broad during his 8/15 spell at Trent Bridge during the 4th Ashes Test

A rare foray into landscape photography. My usual minimalist style… Inner Farne from Bamburgh Beach

One from a recent shoot utilising a 1930's vintage car. Lighting designed to give a period compatible finish.

Dark and moody - Helen in thoughtful mode

A Ruff being curious about the underside of an interesting looking leaf

Just about getting the hang of Hollywood lighting from the halcyon days of the 1930's.

First from a recent vintage fashion shoot. I love the flat look to camera. Might add a subtle amount of fag smoke on the HighRes.

A nice clean portrait of a female Kingfisher - tis all about the background….

Pork Pie Porn……..

Another Belgian beer gets the treatment…… Orval, my personal favourite…

My annual festive gesture. Happy Christmas………..

Two images from a recent fashion/vintage shoot. Lou and Helen respectively modelling. See Facebook for details. Quite pleasing!

The ever popular Puffin. A nice black background and a test image for the eagerly anticipated (ho humm)Farne Guide Part 2.

An ongoing personal project is to capture close portraits of endangered (largely by us….)animals in the necessary security of zoo's. The first to see the light of day is this Black Rhino.

An odd one for me: An Alice In Wonderland theme at my local arts festival in Melbourne.

One from a recent set of stock images

A bit of a marmite image, but it makes a change from beer, birds and football!

Just an approaching thunderstorm - but it would be churlish not to photograph it…..

Back to the steady stream of birds as I clear the backlog. This is a Gargany dabbling about in the muddy fringes of a pond. Unspectacular you might think, but to a bird'ist this is quite pleasing: They are elusive, flighty, little devils and it is so nice to shoot from such a low level.

A little bit of PS filter building can give these images a real period feel. Happy to do/arrange any shoots in this genre. Expect a blog in the near future.

The Vintage scene appears to be a growing fashion area. I'm very happy to be shooting these styles quite regularly. One of Helen….. Details of the hair and dress-maker to be added soon, but can be found at:

A Marsh Sandpiper in early morning light

A shot of Anna in one of her range of corsets in a mild Goth style.

Bulgarian Black Winged Stilt in ludicrously early golden light. Quite like the impression of the second bird in the background.

Nice clean portfolio shot for Louise - get your portfolio's here

Time to start looking at a shot list for The Farne Islands this year. A typically angry Arctic Tern…..

Derby Roundhouse - an excellent venue for the National Winter Ale Festival.

A splendid beer - but with a testingly shaped glass to light!

At the moment it is just pleasant being outdoors when it isn't raining. Consequently even I took a landscape one day last week. Actually its a very lazy landscape as I was hoping that a recalcitrant Barn Owl would appear and only had my 400mm with me - and certainly no tripod! Hence you have to pick your focus point very carefully as you don't have the DOF you normally would if doing landscapes 'properly'.

Football fans as art?

Sometimes you don't know what you've got 'til six months later. Looking through some early Iceland images prior to backing up, I suddenly decided I liked this image from a random, very rainy waterfall with a small-in-the-frame Fulmar in the foreground. For the sake of honesty: I have removed a second less aesthetically pleasing Fulmar.

A domestic fowl. Caught head on while the tail was vibrating - quite effective?

I definitely picked he wrong day to take my neutral density filters to the beach.

Probably the best beer in the world………probably. Maybe.

Part of my venture into the world of people photography. Thanks to Gemma.

Back to Iceland and the first few images converted from RAW, rather than just a jpeg. The design of male Eider's seems to compliment the reflected ice background.

Just a poppy in the last light of the sun.

A wide angle of the new revamped Old Trafford, taken before normal Manchester weather resumed. A big improvement - maybe not as good as Trent Bridge or Edgbaston, but that might be just personal preference?

Part of a drinks shoot. I do like a jenever...................

If I asked where this was taken, I bet you would't say; a preseason friendly at Notts County during a friendly with Istanbul side Galatasary? I doubt if the Turkish community get a lot of opportunity to see their hero's - if you're a Gala fan of course. Very noisy and friendly apart from the complete disregard of any 'no smoking'.

A very lazy landscape from Southern Iceland. Taken at 4.00am without the life-giving qualities of coffee and with a 400mm lens which was still attached to the body from the night before. I had been shooting on a very rough beach and was a tad concerned about the combination of sand and seawater so thought it would be safest to leave it! If only proper landscape photography was as simples.........

A gratuitous flying puffin for no good reason.

Blimey a few hot days. Its probable this weather may give you a thirst. From a set taken for The Brunswick Inn.

This might be the first of a series from Iceland. Lovely tranquil colours. Expect a couple of blog-posts. I'm determined to process these in a good time - trouble is The Ashes are coming up............

More Icelandic jpeg image treats at:

One of my favourite birds, the Pied Flycatcher. Tiny and feisty, they fly into a site near to their original nesting site and set up territories. They see off Nuthatches and Great Tits who get to close to their nest, which are about twice their size. Males and females are equally full of character.

No particular reason for showing this, other than its about time it saw the light of day. White Storks at nest site, with background sunset.

I've been slacking a bit in this area recently, so here are a couple of recent images. Firstly another of the studio flower series from recent teaching sessions. Nothing to add really except that the bright tulips and black background makes a good large bold image - perhaps one of a series which would suit your office walls perfectly? Merciless marketing there.....

Here's david at, doing a spot of welding. I like a challenge? I think it works well, lens flare and all.........

Some birds are classics. I still maintain that (using the standard 80/20 rule) Kingfisher, Puffin, Robin and Barn Owls bring in the majority of wildlife income. After all sales to generic magazines outweighs the sales to specialist mags? Here is another Kingy snap to add to the collection. A very early start to get the desired backlighting - I like the black background, so it was worth it. Image is full frame......... sell, sell, sell. for more ramblings.

Living the dream. The life of a football snapper isn't always Premier League and prawn sandwiches. Last week I had the labour-of-love of snapping Accrington Stanley v Torquay United. For those of you who are unaware, I am a lifelong Gulls fan and have now suffered for a gruelling 40+ years (I can recall two relatively decent afternoons!) Yesterday we were going for a club-record 8 consecutive defeats, as we have somehow managed to slip perilously close to the non-league trapdoor. Saturday 2nd March was a day of clear blue sky, uncannily until the first M65 road sign proclaimed Blackburn and Accrington when a bank of post apocalyptic cloud appeared and settled over the proceedings. For the record, the game ended 0-0 and honour was satisfied.

Truth is, I love doing games like this: real football, real people and a proper pie.

Sometimes you take an image and don't anticipate that it will have any merit. I have finally got around to processing some images from a trip to the Netherlands last April. During that rain soaked week, we headed for a Black Necked Grebe site (not sure exactly where, but it was behind a bowling alley and backed onto Breda Police HQ). Obviously the Grebes chose not frequent the accessible part of the lake so there was little alternative to lie flat in the drizzle and wait and hope. Slowly but surely one headed our way doing that Grebe-thing of diving and then popping up what seemed like a stupid distance away. Naturally the weather was, at best, dull so the exposure of a very dark bird on very pale water was an issue. As the internal tension mounted and inevitable disappointment anticipated, I changed to manual settings and took a chance at +3 exposure compensation. He popped up within range for about 20 seconds before diving again and coming up again some 50 yards away.

Luckily the Grebe spent a couple of seconds 'head-on' and the exposure was spot-on. Most images of this striking little bird are taken in bright sun with lush soft green reflection backgrounds, however, I rather care for this image (typically for me I like the one where he is part obscured) which shows the red eye nicely and has the bird isolated on a glassy, near-white background.

I'm sorry it has to be done: the bird-on-a-twig in the snow. My garden niger-seed set up attracts more of these tiny little cuties than Goldfish nowadays (Auto spellcheck replacement left for amusement value!) Tomorrow is Robin on a wooden fork handle, unless Derby v Forest is on. O yes, sorry, its a Redpoll.

This shot was taken at the top of Cairngorm during a week attempting to snap some Highland wildlife. Unfortunately between the scheduled sun-up of 09.10 and its setting of 16.10 it failed to get significantly lighter, making photography difficult. We hoped for some bright frosty mornings and a photogenic amount of snow, plus obliging wildlife, whereas we mainly got murkiness. I would hasten to add that this image was taken, not after a strenuous three hour walk but after a short funicular train ride and a cup of hot chocolate.

I think it captures the late afternoon sun, lens flare and all, with the intrepid walkers and snowboarders doing their thing.

In an attempt to be festive, may I regale you with a seasonal image of the worlds favourite vegetable. Yes indeed, the magnificent Brussel Sprout. Remember they should have been simmering gently for 20 days by now. Enjoy!

For much of the past week, it would appear that I have been living on an island - well in one direction anyway. As usual, after a couple of days decent rain the Trent flooded and the area around Swarkestone Causeway became a lake. This time it managed to rise high enough to close a couple of local rat-run roads and several were mildly inconvenienced by being slightly late for work. Thunderbird 2 was not required.

Apart from the editorial record shots here is a slightly arty shot involving an ND filter - always good fun to use.

A very seasonal image - using the ploy of trying to engage website visitors with topical photos (note the autumnal leaves). This wasn't done with the aid of any ND filters, it was dark enough anyway. Compositionally it breaks lots of rules of photography, but I rather like it. It certainly looks good blown up to wallhanging size.

The first is an image of a Ghana football fan. For once the dreadful yellow terracing adds to the image rather than ruining it. She also has an inquiring look about her as she watches the crowd around her.