Latest Images

Some of the latest images - probably not the most recent taken, but the most recently processed. Enjoy......

After leaving the Bittern's up too long and adding a blog on my 2016 Bittern mission, I thought I would add a few snaps from a teaching gig a few years ago (and have only just got around to processing my images). Obviously these are from Gigrin Farm as many will recognise the backgrounds.

It is fairly straightforward to capture Red Kites against the sky - but far more satisfying when you keep the lock on with a 'green' background. If your tracking is good enough you should get some at the moment of dive. Let the early feeding frenzy get out of the way, wait for the Buzzards & Ravens to move in - this is when the Kites go into mobbing mode. Most day trippers will leave before the real photographic opportunities arrive.

All available, via the Contact page, at minimum 5000px longest side.
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