Iceland Part 3 - The Directors Cut

26th May 2016
A virtually wordless blog showing a gallery of high key images. Previously these haven't looked to clever on the web (good as prints though….), so we'll see.

Floi weather dictated fairly flat images, so the objective was to lie low and get the bird with no background. Managed it a few times - at least it makes the best of the conditions.

Slavonian Grebe do look better with the sun on them, but when it isn't out a high key shot is an alternative.

Oh dear I may have over Phalarope'd again. There are such tiny little bundles of energy as they desperately try and keep Icelandic midges under control. I like trying to capture that moment as they 'pounce', with any luck, the bill will be open.

The birds with the brighter plumage are, for once, the females. Roles are supposed to be reversed - but I bet she has to put a casserole in before spending a day on the Laxa?

G7X Outtake:

Probably not the sort of image we would deem appropriate on a postcard - but then you can still buy postcards of bullfighting in Madrid. Who am I to criticise???