22nd November 2015
A brief, less wordy blog based around a shoot from August Bank Holiday Monday - in traditional drizzle. Arthur is an Austin 7 from 1937 lovingly restored and polished by Matt Harnden. Arthur rarely ventures out in the rain, but due to a typically erroneous weather forecast was allowed to become briefly damper than Matt would like in the cause of art. Helen is a particularly splendid model specialising in the vintage arena. Jaq is an expert in vintage styling and very speedy with it. We're quite a well-oiled-machine, if you excuse the pun! All these elements came together on the afternoon of August Bank Holiday Monday in front of Staunton Harold Hall, courtesy of owner John Blunt. It would have been nice to have more dry-time, but hey-ho.

Quite pleased with the judicious use of flash lighting on these shots and a well directed snoot, i.e. it is unobtrusive. Quite decent results……

In actual fact this is closer to most of the work I do nowadays…….. which little features on the site.

OK thats it - enjoy the results and, or not, some of the vintage effects applied……



Arthur has yet to develop his own website