A Fashion Shoot & Sales Pitch

05th February 2016
A mercifully unwordy blog showing a selection of images from a recent fashion shoot….

This random selection of images are taken from a recent 'fashion' photoshoot with a group of local artisans - a group that I enjoy working with and we undertake these indoor, and outdoor, a couple of times a year.

Description & Sales Pitch.

I'm going to unashamedly use this blog opportunity for a sales pitch. So much of my current work involves fashion, corporate, portfolio, boudoir & lifestyle images that I am considering a new website. In the meantime, I have removed the 'holding images' in the current galleries until I have revised my method of presenting 'people' photography. Until this is done, I'm going to be using blogs to illustrate such work…….

These examples are taken from a day and a half shoot in early January. Rather than their being a single client, this shoot is one of a number I do throughout the year with a number of East Midlands based businesses where shoot time and cost is shared. It's a cost effective way of ensuring high quality images for each of the business involved.

The shoots are pragmatically driven as they are used by all involved to promote their work. Hence the selection of lighting and styles used and illustrated below. Lighting can be dramatic to emphasis the style of a range, or fairly flat to highlight certain aspects of hair or make-up - but never less than interesting. The examples give you a cross-section (without me explaining why each shot is as it is).

Images can be provided post-processed, or not, and are delivered on-time and the highest quality. You can see examples of the post processing…… although I won't airbrush skin, as I disagree in principle.

We can work with a 'pop up' studio with full lighting and backgrounds, hair & make-up facilities, so are mobile as long as we have a suitable space. This shoot was done in this way…...

For this shoot the brief covered: Hair styling, make-up, vintage styling , millinary, goth styling and a few other tangents

If you'd like to undertake a shoot or be involved in our next collaboration, please contact me via the 'Contact' page.

All the collaborators are listed below.

Enjoy the images

Jac Williams



Eye of Horus Make Up

Helen Mae Green


Mandy Heathcote


Katie Morley


Whitney Marine